Everything You Need To Know Before You Visit Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

If you have ever visited Portland before, you most probably admired the blooms in their masses, at the world-renowned International Rose Test Garden. You may have even seen the rows upon rows of stunning rose bushes situated at Peninsula Park. But if you want to experience an outstanding floral exploration, you should consider a visit to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

Snugly tucked away between the Eastmoreland Golf Course and Reed College, Crystal Springs was originally founded in the year 1950 as the Rhododendron Test Garden. This park today boasts over 2,500 rhododendrons, azaleas along with a host of other plants that spread across 4 hectares. There are small placards that identify the different flora along with self-guided tour books which are found on-site.

Also known as one of the best spots for waterfowl-watching, this garden is the home to close to 100 different types of wildlife and birds. When sitting on one of the benches by Crystal Lake visitors can enjoy the view of a variety of geese and ducks swimming by. Here visitors can also listen to the squawks and trills of red-winged blackbirds, scrub jays, green-backed herons, songs sparrows along with several over species of birds.

Before visiting Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, do not bring along snacks to feed the birds. There is a sign at the entrance that displays %u201CNo bread, please.%u201D Also, due to many years of frequent visitors, the waterfowl have become somewhat brave when it comes to human guests. This means if a group of geese is blocking your path, you should consider choosing an alternative route.

Visiting Hours

The rhododendrons usually bloom in the late part of February through to July. They usually peak in the late part of April into the early part of May. However, due to the variety of other animals, plants and the water features on display, this is a venue you can enjoy throughout the year. This park offers a variety of benches along with ADA-accessible paths, which allows visitors of all abilities and ages to enjoy these grounds. You can even bring your dogs along provided you keep them on a leash.

This park is open every-day from morning till dusk throughout the year. The admissions cost $5 from 10 am to 6 pm from Wednesdays to Sundays from the 1 March to 1 September, the rest of the year admission to the park is free. Entry is free for children aged 12 and under. Parking and bathrooms are available, and the option to plan a group tour is easy to arrange with notice in advance.


Crystal Springs is the host of 2 flower events annually that are both presented by the “Portland Chapter of the America Rhododendron Society.” In the early part of April, the Rhododendron and Daffodil Show along with sales take place. A larger sale takes place on the Mother’s Day weekend. Both these shows offer judged flower shows and plant sales. This park is also a highly popular venue for photo shoots, weddings along with other events.

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