Portland, Oregon Farm-to-table Dining Guide

People like to know where their food comes from, which is why farm to table food is a must for many. Foods that come from local sources have the advantage of being fresher because they take the least time to get to their destination. When local foods are combined with the culinary minds, like the ones in the restaurants of Portland, Oregon, some amazing dishes can be made. Here are some choices for those wishing to dine at the farm to table restaurants in Portland.

For a farm to table in Portland, Beast is one of the best restaurants to visit. The menu changes every Wednesday in accordance to what is currently in season, along with the culinary ideas of the owners. All week long, a six-course dinner is served at the restaurant, with a heavy focus on meat. Wine choices for the meals are hand-picked and ready for order. On Sunday, brunch is served with menu choices that differ from the dinner menu. Vegetarian meals are offered periodically on Tuesdays. Although prices are higher than the average sit down restaurant, the meals from this restaurant are worth it.

Meriwether’s is as inviting as any restaurant, but they have something that makes them special. Produce that is served at the restaurant is all grown by the restaurant on a farm located nearby, with menus being chef created based on seasonal harvest yields. Other foods provided at the restaurant come from fishers and ranchers in the northwest region. Lunch and dinner are served daily, and breakfast is served on the weekends, with meals being cooked over a wood fire to provide unique flavors. Guests can marvel at the beauty of Meriwether’s outdoor garden while they enjoy their meal.

The joy of French cuisine can be experienced at Le Pigeon, a restaurant with a reputation for excellence. Locally sourced ingredients are the star of the menu, as they are combined to create delicious dishes that are full of French flair. Dining options such as Duck Mu Shu and Pigeon Wonton are offered through the regular menu, or through the seven-course menu. Reservations can be made for the restaurant, and there is also a walk in chef’s counter. At the counter, there is an open kitchen surrounded by ten seats, where guests can see the chefs hard at work.

In the Pearl District of Portland exists Andina, a restaurant that specializes in South American cuisine using food that comes right from farmers in Oregon and Peru. The menu accommodates both regular and vegetarian options and provides dishes for lunch, dinner, and even happy hour. The restaurant fits both a formal and casual setting, with dining rooms, and a bar where live Latin style music is played each night. Prices can range from average to a little on the expensive side, but the taste of South America from Andina justifies it.

Clarklewis is just the Portland restaurant for a casual dining experience with organic produce from local sources. The menu at Clarklewis provides a variety of choices, offering meals inspired by European, Italian, and American cuisine. Patrons can order from the chef’s menu, which changes based on seasonal availability, or a la carte. There is the option to provide your wine and beer, or order from the menu, along with creative cocktail selections.

Portland has everything a person could ever need when it comes to the farm to table dining options. These restaurants make the most of local sources and use them to create fantastic dishes and unforgettable dining experience.

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