The Top 5 Italian Restaurants In Portland OR

You are traveling Rose City searching out the best Italian food, and you are certainly going to find a spot that exceeds your expectations. Oregon’s largest city is home to 3500+ restaurants, and you can imagine there are quite a few that serve up delicious Italian cuisine, 133 to be exact. Here are the top 5 Italian restaurants in the great city of Portland OR.

Mucca Osteria gets top billing, and it is currently also the 2nd ranked restaurant overall. Mucca Osteria is located at 1022 SW Morrison Street, and the course tasting menu is said to be exquisite. Enjoy wild boar ragu, pork shoulder, gnocchi with sea bass and much more. The scallops are a favorite as far as appetizers, and the tiramisu is one of the desserts favorites. The upstairs dining room complete with a bar is the perfect spot for your dining experience.

The next top Italian restaurant in Portland OR is Nostrana, which is located at 1401 SE Morrison Street. Nostrana currently ranks #33 out of all the restaurants in Rose City. Butterscotch pudding, wood-fired pizza, and flat iron steak are a few of the menu highlights. Reviews say that it is next to Revolution Hall, which is a concert venue. Perhaps it is time for dinner and a show. One more menu recommendation for Nostrana is Shepherd’s Salad.

Grassa is the 3rd ranked Italian restaurant in Portland and 35th overall. Grassa is located at 1205 SW Washington Street, and one of its claims to fame is its fresh pasta, perhaps the best in Portland. One menu favorite is the pork belly mac n’ cheese. Grassa is said to be a canteen style Italian restaurant, and its downtown location is ideal for walking to the Pearl District and many other popular attractions.

The #4 Italian restaurant in the PDX is Mama Mia Trattoria, which is located at 439 SW 2nd Avenue. Mama Mia Trattoria ranks #53 in Portland overall. A cute and romantic setting awaits you at this establishment known for its lasagna, fresh pasta, seafood and more. Expect large portions, and the intimate setting seals the deal.

Ava Gene’s is located at 3377 SE Division Street, and it is the 5th ranked Italian restaurant in Portland and ranks #66 overall. This establishment features a great wine selection and an intimate setting like Mama Mia Trattoria. Expect excellent Italian food coursed to your taste and exceptional wait staff. If you make it to dessert, well, that will be the icing on the cake.

Those are the top five Italian restaurants in Portland OR. Considering you have 133 choices + pizza places, well, it’s a good thing you know which ones are the best. You don’t want to have a disappointing dining experience in Rose City and then find out there was a much better Italian restaurant right down the street. If you only had known. Now you do, and you can likely tell that these five restaurants are dressed to impress true gems.

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