Visit The Historical Landmark Known As St Johns Bridge

Are you familiar with the Willamette River in the city of Portland OR? There are only a total of three suspension bridges that have public highways in the entire state of Oregon. St Johns Bridge is one of them. It is a historic landmark in the city of Portland, and it was opened up for traffic in 1931 on June 13th. The total length of the bridge is 2,067 feet, and the design of the bridge is gothic. That is because St Johns Bridge features two gothic towers.

Not only is it one of three suspension bridges in the entire state, but it is also Portland’s tallest bridge. You might also want to visit Cathedral Park, which is right nearby. It was named in honor of the gothic statues that make up part of St Johns Bridge. The towers on the bridge are almost twice as tall as the navigational clearance, 400 feet to 205 feet. David B Steinman, an engineer was one of the two people that designed the bridge. The other person was Holton Robinson.

The bridge helped facilitate traffic in the area that had otherwise been handled by ferry boat at the time of its construction. The bridge is green, and it was announced that it would be that color in 1931 on St Patrick’s Day. While it took 21 months to build St Johns Bridge, its construction was still under budget, by a million dollars. The bridge maintenance is now controlled by the state, and there was a two-year long renovation completed on the bridge from 2003 to 2005.

St Johns Bridge has appeared in TV and film numerous times. All you have to do to see the bridge is make your way to US Highway 30 in Portland OR. Now get ready for another interesting fact about this bridge. Reviews say that it was done by the same exact person that designed the Golden Gate Bridge. People love this bridge, and it is said to be beautiful driving on it during the fog. Of course on a foggy day, you want to be careful.

The bridge is also a great place to take pictures, and you will enjoy getting those selfies while you’re in Portland. Did you know that the ferry that used to service the area was known for transporting about 1000 vehicles each day? That’s not a lot though when it comes to how much traffic makes it up and down the bridge each day.

That’s a lot of traffic either way, but this bridge has been in place for almost a century. If you make it to Portland OR and don’t make it by St Johns Bridge, you are missing out. You want to see this landmark bridge that services Highway 30 and be sure you get that group selfie. It will make a great stop, and you can also check out Cathedral Park if you like. Have a wonderful time vacationing in Portland OR with your family.

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