Why Freakybuttrue Peculiarium Should Be On Your Rainy Day Things To Do List

Let’s face it; if you live in Portland, Oregon for a few years, you’ll realize that, although it doesn’t rain more inches of water than many other places, there are more days when it’s cold and drizzly than most places. So, rather than spend all your time watching TV, or drinking at the local bars, it ’s a good idea to find a couple of dozen fun things to do around town. One of those places that you should add to your list is called, Freaky But True Peculiarium which can be found on 22nd and NW Thurman Street. If you know that district of Portland, you’ll realize that the streets go in alphabetical order to the North, starting with “B” for Burnside. It was a remodeled and refitted industrial area that is now home to many great restaurants, converted warehouses, brewpubs, and high tech startup companies.

A Local Radio Station Coined The Phrase “Keeping Portland Weird”

The Peculiarium has adopted the phrase and run with it to a new dimension on a few things but all in all, they’ve done a great job. The store itself is a part museum and part store where they have assembled products from all over the Earth that will amaze, and freak you out at the same time. That is their stated goal, and they strive to please, thank you very much.

What you’ll find when you enter is a gigantic statue of a stuffed Bigfoot just inside the door, so be sure and bring your camera or smart phone to get a selfie, you’ll be glad you did at some time in the future. You’ll find lots of gag gifts that are hard to find anywhere else, and you might want to stock up, especially if you have friends that are hard to buy for. Plus, since they scour the planet, far and wide, to find these unique items, they might have 100 of them on your first visit, but you may never find them again.

If you like specimen jars with odd appendages soaking in formaldehyde, sometimes you’ll find them at Peculiarium. Plus, there are almost always garlic flavored, deep-fried insects of several different varieties as well. And the Bigfoot won’t be the only thing that you’ll want to take a selfie with, or a photo of, be sure you bring a camera. Area 51, would be a proud sponsor of this particular shop and its aliens from the nearby mountains.

If You Wear A Costume, You Can Get In For Free

And no, dressing like a local bike messenger won’t do, you’ll have to be creative, but it’s all part of the fun, and you’ll see why once you enter and see all the other wild outfits. Go on a busy day, if you want to have fun. If you don’t like to dress up, they will also let you in for free if you bring your friendly pet snake, lizard, or man-eating plant as well.

The bottom line is, if you get tired of sitting at home sometimes, this little shop of freaky things is a lot of fun, and it changes depending on who else is visiting. You can easily make regular visits and enjoy yourself more every time.

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