Enjoy A Relaxing Day At The International Rose Test Garden & Washington Park

The International Rose Test Garden in Portland OR is well-known as the largest of its kind. Did you know that there are over 8,000 roses there? This garden is located at 400 SW Kingston Avenue, and it is part of what is known as Washington Park. When you get to the top of the garden, there is quite a view, too, as Mount Hood is visible from that location. What else is good to know before your visit to the International Rose Test Garden?

First of all, you pay no admission to get into the garden, and that is certainly cool. To get there, you can take a free park shuttle at the Oregon Zoo. You know you are going to want to check out the zoo while you are there, too, and you also want to have a chance to see the rest of Washington Park. Not only are you going to get to see beautiful foliage throughout the park and the garden, but you are going to see plenty of wildlife, too.

You can bet that staff keeps the rose garden well-maintained. It is a place of beauty. By the way, there are walking paths throughout the entire park, so just picture yourself taking that stroll on a beautiful, sunny day. Can you imagine all the different rose species that you’re going to find? Can you imagine the smell? You’ve surely heard the saying ‘it smells like a rose garden.’ Well, this rose garden is going to fit the bill.

There are signature blocks featuring rose queens throughout history according to reviews, and you should also know that this garden is right by the Japanese gardens that are also a must visit. People report spending a lot of time in that area because there is so much to do with all of Washington Park and more right there. One thing about the rose garden, too, is that it is very peaceful and tranquil because it’s not usually loaded with people all at once.

Reviews do mention that it can get rather buy during the summertime, but you can visit the International Rose Test Garden in Portland throughout the year. Naturally, you might want to pay the first visit to this rose garden when the entire 8000 roses are in full bloom. Can you imagine? You can even bring a picnic lunch to the garden or Washington Park in general. It would be quite a lot of fun to sit down and soak up the environment.

Simply picturing a ton of rose bushes is lovely, but that description doesn’t do it any justice. In fact, you are going to see fountains of roses. There is even a gift shop that is there on site to visit. This is affordable fun, a relaxing time, what it’s all about when you visit the city of Portland OR. Are you prepared to pay a visit to the International Rose Test Garden now? Remember that it is indeed the largest of its type out there in the world.

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