What You Need To Know Before You Go To The Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is a great and peaceful place to visit. If you are in the city, you should take the time to see the garden, but there is some information that you need to know before you go. It is important that you know certain facts before you go to ensure that you have a good time in the garden.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit?

A lot of people wonder if there is the best time of year to visit the Portland Japanese Garden, but the truth is that you can visit at any time of the year. Japanese gardens have been created with imagination and in a way that they look beautiful at any time of the year. Of course, each season will bring something different, and you will need to consider this.

Spring will offer fresh greenery and some of the more subtle blossoms. Late February is when the Cherry blossoms will briefly appear while late spring offers wisteria, camellia, and azalea. Summer offers a calming visual experience of sunlit shades of green. Fall provides vibrant colors and is the most popular time for people to visit the garden.

How Long Will You Need To Visit The Garden?

To tour the entire Garden, visitors will take 1 and a half to 2 hours. Of course, this will depend on the pace that you set as you walk through the garden. It is recommended that you give yourself a few hours so you can linger and enjoy the calm that the garden can provide.

Are Pets Allowed?

It is important to note that pets are not allowed in the Portland Japanese Garden. The only animals that are allowed to enter the garden are ADA service animals or other trainer service animals. You might need to provide documentation showing that you are a service animal.

Is The Garden Stroller And Wheelchair Accessible?

The whole of the Garden is not legally accessible according to the ADA standards. However, there are parts of the Garden that are including the Cultural Village, the Pavilion, and the upper Flat Garden. There is also a free shuttle that runs from the parking lot to the Admissions Gate.

If you are taking a stroller, you will be able to fold it up and take it to the Garden on the Shuttle. However, you will have to ask a member of staff about where the stroller can be stored in the garden.

Does The Admission Cost Include Admission To The Rose Garden?

The Portland Japanese Garden is an independently run organization that is completely not for profit but is not responsible for the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is a separate park and is run by Portland Parks and Recreation which means that it does not require admission. The admission paid to the Portland Japanese Garden will be reinvested into the maintenance and care of the garden.

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