Need To Know Travel Tips For Visiting The Historical Pittock Mansion In Portland OR

The architectural beauty of Pittock Mansion in downtown Portland OR is a sight to behold. That’s just from the outside before you start your tour. Pittock Mansion is located at 3229 NW Pittock Drive, and the tour takes you back in time to the turn of the century, the 20th century of course. The grounds surrounding the mansion are gorgeous, and people say that you can expect to see amazing views when standing out on the terrace.

While you can drive or take public transportation to this historical mansion, reviews mention that there are also several trails that people sometimes take to hike there instead. You are going to get to see all kinds of period antiques. You are going to see clothing, too, and the lifestyle of the early 20th century is conveyed through the way everything is set up in detail.

Pittock Mansion was built by a couple that owned the Oregonian Newspaper. The year was 1909, and that couple was Henry and Georgiana Pittock. The Imperial Heights Mansion was certainly a marvel during its time, just as it is now. While the tour is a step back in time, reviews also say that it is surprisingly modern. People with means certainly do have a way of staying ahead of the times. Speaking of times, the couple supposedly fell on hard times and got rid of many original furnishings. However, the mansion is still outfitted with beautiful period pieces as mentioned.

Pittock Mansion tells a wonderful story, and the mansion has been beautifully restored. Its red tiled roof is quite lovely, and when inside taking the tour, one of the points of interest is an oak-paneled library. People that visit the historical mansion say it is is quite the gem. And those views, well, they are great views of the city of Portland and the mountains from the vista or terrace.

Don’t forget to marvel again at the exterior of the home, as it is beautifully constructed and is an architectural masterpiece of its time. When you are at the mansion, another point of reference is that you are right by Forest Park. By the way, you don’t just have to take a self-guided tour, which of course would still be lovely enough. There are tour guides insight that are very knowledgeable. Reviews say that you will certainly love the stories that the curators provide. What a piece of history out of the city of Portland OR, right?

Reviews say that the Japanese Garden is right down the road if you are looking to combine places of interest to visit within the same vicinity. People report that with those terrace views, you can also make out Mount St Helens as well. Expect to spend about an hour or more checking out this lovely mansion and the grounds. Perhaps after touring the Pittock Mansion, you might also be interested in other historic homes and places of interest within the beautiful west coast city of Portland, Oregon.

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