The Top 5 Historical Places You Should Visit In Portland

Historical places can be found all around the city of Portland. However, what are the top 5 historical places you should visit in Portland Oregon? Read on to find out

The Shanghai Tunnels
One of the most popular historical places in Portland are the Shanghai Tunnels. The tunnels are often referred to as the Old Portland Underground, and it is a network of passages that are located mainly underground. The tunnels were mainly used to move goods from one area of the city to the next. They connected various hotels and bars basements.

You can book a walking tour. During the tour, you’ll learn a lot about the tunnels. If you’re looking for a great place to visit and something unique to do while in Portland, then definitely check out the Shanghai Tunnels.

The Bridges Of Portland
Portland is home to many bridges, and a few of them are considered historical places of interest. When you visit Portland, you’ll want to see some of these bridges in person. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you go to Portland; you’ll want to view these bridges.

Some of these bridges include St. Johns Bridge and Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge. Others include Fremont Bridge, Steel Bridge, and the Burnside Bridge. Let’s not forget to mention Morrison Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge, but do keep in mind these are only a few of the many historical bridges and each one has their own unique story behind it.

Fort Vancouver
Fort Vancouver was once home to fighter pilots and fur traders. The fort served as the Hudson’s Bay Company’s headquarters just west of the Rocky Mountains. It was home to things such as a sawmill, the first hospital in the Northwest and a school to name a few.

If you are looking to learn about what life has been like for hundreds of years in the Northwest, then go to Fort Vancouver. Also, consider going during the summertime. This is when a fireworks display show takes place. In fact, the Independence Day fireworks show is one of the largest ones in the area.

The Pittock Mansion
This mansion is located in the West Hills, and it is a must-visit for those who are a fan of history. When you visit the mansion, you’ll be treated to views of Portland and the surrounding area. What’s even more exciting is you will be given a glimpse into the city’s past.

There are over 20 rooms located in the mansion, and each features impressive decor, and you’ll notice unique pieces of artwork in many of the rooms. Some rooms are filled with impressive photography. The bottom line is you’ll learn a lot about Portland’s past when you visit the Pittock Mansion.

Dekum Building
This place is not your average office building. It is considered to be a historic building. Make sure you visit it if you want to snap a few photos of its impressive exterior.

Do you want to visit historical places in Portland? If so, visit the above. You will be impressed with what you see when you visit them in person.

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