All You Need To Know About Powell’s City of Books In Portland Oregon

No matter what “Best of” list of places to visit you read about the fun and wildly unique city of Portland, Oregon, it’s only a matter of time until Powell’s City of Books shows up. They are by far and away the largest independent bookstore location in the world, taking up an incredible entire city block that includes multiple floors, and you can enter from several different sides. Because of the massive setup of the bookstore, there are even “maps” available to help you navigate your way through to areas you are most likely to be interested in.

A Unique Bookstore Worthy Of A Unique City
Featuring over one million books, both used and new, Powell’s is the type of bookstore that reading fans dream of. Featuring a stunning 3,500 different sections and nine color-coded rooms, they are located in the Pearl District near the downtown area of the city and even offer guided tours throughout various parts of the day for visitors who want an incredible look at this truly incredible place.

The Biggest Variety Anywhere
Rumored to buy an average of 4,000 used books a day, this incredible bookstore is all about books and offers a huge array of used, new, rare, and specialty books. This makes them a destination for everyone from a rich collector looking for that perfect first printing to a budget conscious minimum wager who wants to find an affordable but interesting used book to fans of all modern authors eagerly awaiting that new arrival. You can even get print on demand books from the main location.

They do a ton of business online and even have satellite stores, but if you are in the Portland area, you want to check out the main store. That entire block-sized building is just stunning and a truly unique experience.

Best Time To Visit?
The best time to visit is anytime. Some hours will be more crowded than others, but with the sheer size of the store, you should have no problem finding some space to yourself. The guided tours are offered at very specific times if that is your thing, and the hours are posted online in addition to at the entrance.

In other words, any time you feel like it is a good time to visit a bookstore is a great time to see what’s new over at Powell’s City of Books.

Every single book lover in the world should have Powell’s City of Books high on your bucket list. This is a truly unique and incredible bookstore, and if you are the type who can usually spend hours happily wandering around a normal bookstore, then this place will be absolute heaven for you. Even if that’s not you, this location is unique in a way that holds it on its pedestal, and you do not want to be in Portland only to have to admit you didn’t visit this local treasure.

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