A Visitors Guide To The Bridges Of Portland, Oregon

You can find many different kinds of bridges in and around Portland, Oregon. They cross a variety of geographical features. Of course, many bridges help extend roads, but some are only for pedestrians, trains, and so on. Many of these bridges were constructed early in the 20th Century, but you can also find more modern construction. The bridges in and around Portland are also of many different types, and this article indicated the type of bridge in most cases.

Examples of Notable Bridges In Portland, Oregon

You can find dozens of different bridges in and around Portland. A person who is interested in bridges could spend days viewing them all. These are some of the most notable bridges to see in Portland, Oregon:

Oregon Slough RR Bridge: Sometimes also just called the BNSF Bridge, this bridge was constructed in 1908. It is a railroad bridge that has been in active use for over a century. It spans over 1,500 feet of crossing for the Portland Harbor.

Interstate Bridge: Also called the Portland-Vancouver Bridge, this one extends over 3,500 feet. It allows I-5 to cross the Columbia River. It is a truss bridge with a lift span. This bridge was built in 1917 and improved with a second lift span in 1958.

Glenn L. Jackson Memorial: Built in 1982, this bridge spans over 7,000 feet to allow I-205 to cross the Columbia River. It is called a “segmental” bridge.

St. John’s Bridge: This is a very lovely and ornate bridge that was built in 1931. It crosses the Willamette River as a part of US-30. St. John’s Bridge is a suspension bridge that is over 2,000 feet in length.

Blue Bridge: Blue Bridge serves as an example of one of Portland’s many pedestrian and bicycle bridges. This bridge crossed Reed Lake and was built in 1992.

Vista Bridge: This is a historic landmark bridge that was built in 1926. It’s a very lovely bridge that is meant to connect Jefferson Street to Canyon Road. It carries the Light Rail and vehicles on it. It is a concrete arch type of bridge.

Quick Overview Of Portland, Oregon Bridges

Note that the bridges that cross the Willamette River make up the majority of the most notable bridges in this area. Within the city of Portland, you can find 12 of these bridges that cross the Willamette River. On the other hand, two road bridges span the Columbia River. However, you can also find a few bridges that are meant only for the railroad crossing.

In other cases, the bridges might span canyons, other roads, or other water bodies. For instance, I-5 has the Marquam Bridge to span the Willamette. It has the Interstate Bridge to span the Columbia River.The bridges of Portland, Oregon make it possible to navigate the many bodies of waters, canyons, and other features of the area by car, by train, or even on foot on with a bicycle. Indeed, the bridges make up part of the character if this charming city.

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