What You Need To Know About The Paul Bunyan Statue Before You Visit

If you are going to be visiting Portland, you are going to want to pay a visit to the Paul Bunyan statue. This huge statue is a roadside attraction that was built in the 1950’s and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. The statue is 37 feet tall and is made of steel and cement. The statue is fun to look at, and you can find him in the Kenton neighborhood.

The Paul Bunyan statue is a great place to take pictures, and if you are visiting Portland, you are going to want to stop by and see the statue and get out of your car for a photo op. The statue is a great piece of Americana, and it feels like you are traveling back in time when you see it. It makes for the perfect picture, and it has an oddball appeal that is very attractive.

If you love roadside attractions, you are going to want to visit the statue, and you can’t go wrong with stopping by. The Paul Bunyan statue is a piece of American history, and it is a fun thing to visit that you won’t regret seeing. The statue is going to put a smile on your face. Roadside attractions like the Paul Bunyan statue had popped up because most people traveled by car when they went on long family trips. Flying was so expensive that is was rarely done, and most people just preferred to travel in a car.

Lots of roadside attractions began to spring up during this time. Unfortunately, many of them were torn down to pave the way for new development, so many of the remaining roadside attractions in the United States were put on the historical register to prevent them from being torn down.

Roadside attractions are often huge, and they have unique signs and were designed to catch the eye. They were also a form of advertising, and there were meant to get people off the road and over to a restaurant or gas station. Paul Bunyan fits right in with the trees of Portland. His red and white checkered shirt draws the eye, as do his blue pants and black boots.

He was built in 1959 from tons of steel and plaster. Victor Nelson designed him, and he has been moved once and restored a few times. This novelty statue is a piece of American history, and it is a fun thing to see when you are in Portland or traveling through Portland. Americana has so much charm, and there are so many fun roadside attractions that are still left for you to explore.

Portland is a fun place to visit because it is kind of quirky and unique. There are lots of different types of things to do there, and if you are into art and vintage style, you will want to visit because the Portland is a charming city.

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