Why Everyone Should Visit The Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

In the beautiful and environmentally friendly state of Oregon, there is a treasure beyond imagination called the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry that has helped several generations of scientists, explorers, and curiosity-seeking children and adults learn more about the world. There is a planetarium, science store, hundreds of science-based exhibits, science classes, summer camps, field trips for students, and even a submarine to explore at OMSI, as it is locally known. Here are just a few of the fun things to do there and why you should visit regularly.

The Exhibits Are Kid and Adult Friendly

If you’ve ever wondered how a toilet flushes, or how big the heart of a whale is, you need to go to OMSI and check out an exhibit there. There is a huge new robot learning center that can expand your mind on all of the millions of tasks that robots will soon be doing in our lives. This is called the Robot Revolution and is supported by Google, several large banks, and a dozen high tech companies.

In the Robot wing of the museum, they explore the many things that different robots will be doing, not only in industry but in our homes as well. There are already robot vacuum cleaners, but soon there will be lawn mowers, edgers, and weeders all working in our homes.

At the same time, there are now solar powered, battery operated, agricultural robots that can weed rows of vegetables, eight at a time. These weeding robots work faster than people, never take a break, and will eventually work all night long as well. What the bottom line is, humans had better learn how to run technology and stop looking for jobs in the fields. There will be hamburger flippers, computer order takers, and computer-driven cars just a few years into the future. Everything is on display at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

OMSI Has Hundreds Of Classes For All Ages

Whether your budding scientist is in preschool, grade school or middle school, there are hundreds of classes on the weekends for kids to enjoy. The prices are inexpensive, especially for OMSI members, and the classes are anything but boring. They start with astronomy, air, and water, beginning chemistry, and beginning biology and go on up into robotics, advanced chemistry, and the study of marine animals, just to name a few. They boast over 200 classes and camps for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Some of their summer camps are only day camps for the younger children. However, there are camps on the Oregon coast that last a week of exploring marine biology, and other camps in Central Oregon that study geology, forestology, and conservation too. There are also computer science camps, computer animation camps, and even astronomy camps available. For a complete, and extensive list, it’s best to visit their website for dates, ages, times and prices.

If your child wants to go to the moon, study dinosaurs, write computer programs, or build robots, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is the place to belong. They have inexpensive yearly memberships that allow unlimited access to most of the exhibits and deep discounts of the paid exhibits, like the planetarium. The classes are incredible, and the summer camps perfect for your children to meet other young science-minded kids and learn enough to keep them interested in their favorite subjects.

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