A chief content officer (CCO) is a marketing role within modern companies. The position is not commonly known or universally used; it has only come into use in recent years. Some companies in Portland make use of CCOs who are responsible for content creation and management.

What is a CCO?

The CCO is in charge of creative content and media that is published digitally and in print for a company or organization. This executive typically reports directly to a CEO or similar high level member of the company’s executive management.

Responsibilities usually given to a CCO include the management and creation of cross-media content. A CCO will usually work directly with a company’s marketing team to integrate creative content and digital media into the marketing strategy. In some cases the CCO is charged with leading marketing strategy as well.

The position was developed within the past two decades. Larry Gerbrandt, the chief content officer for Kagan World Media, is considered to be one of the first well known CCOs. He and the position were mentioned in this article from Forbes.com in 2001; this was one of the first mentions of the position in popular media.

Chief Content Officers and Marketing in Portland

Portland is home to a number of large businesses, many of which rely on media-based marketing. LinkedIn shows 13 results for CCO positions in Portland for a variety of sectors and industries. Some of these include the following:

• Actuarial, Insurance & Statistics
• Insurance
• Media & Marketing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Real Estate
• Video Production
• Wine

Much like any other industry, the marketing needs and success of a company often determine the salary for an executive officer. The starting range for a CCO with marketing experience is around $70,000 per year, plus the typical benefits that come with an executive position. The salaries for well-established chief content officers in large companies and corporations can be as much as seven figures.

In major cities such as Portland, digital content is an essential part of business success. The increasing prevalence of technology in the marketing strategies of big companies is increasing the need for chief content officers and executives that serve similar roles.

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