You’ve probably heard one angry business owner after another saying they wasted tons of money on search engine optimization “experts” only to receive little to no value for their marketing dollars. This happens over and over again because business owners have no grasp of the concept of SEO so they have to trust these so-called experts and hope for the best.

SEO is a game that is always changing. At least that’s true for the black hat marketers looking for ways to game the system. On the other side of the coin, if you use tried and true white hat techniques, you’ll never have to worry about getting knocked down when algorithm updates come through. So it’s a slippery slope and only the best and brightest SEO specialists know how to truly navigate the ups and downs of the search engine algorithms.

Do yourself a favor and stop listening to the naysayers swearing that SEO is dead and gone. Take some time to think about how many people use the search engines every day in their various forms. And recognize that high search engine rankings will provide huge benefits to your business if only you can learn how to crack the SEO code.

We know the value of search engine optimization. We’ve helped our clients achieve high rankings in just about every industry, and our white hat marketing techniques continue to work. If you’re still convinced SEO is a sucker’s game, please learn 14 reasons why you’re missing out on a golden opportunity my confused and frustrated friend.

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