Your website is not different from a woman competing in a beauty pageant. In order to outdo the other contestants, she must not only be beautiful, smart and collected; she must apply herself to the rule of the contest and also put in extra effort to look better and more presentable than the rest.

The internet is a lot similar to the real world. There is competition everywhere and as in the real world, the success of a business, individual or idea is determined, ultimately, by the relevance, popularity (visibility, attention) and patronage such a business, person or idea possesses.

Also, in the real world, everybody wants to be seen. The patronage attention brings is what propels companies occupied in different business sectors to sink millions of dollars in marketing campaigns. They just have to be seen. It pays off big.

However, with the internet, there is a lot of flexibility. For your website to be visible, you can either leverage on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or go the old, cash intensive way of paid advertisement. But, just before you run off thinking of how to fork out precious cash to power your website, you must know this: 88% of users never clicked on paid ads anyway.

So, if you are a small (or big) website owner, SEO might just be what you need to circumvent paid advertisement to rank high in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Search Engine Optimization is about making small changes or modifications – here and there – to your website to improve your chances of ranking higher in organic or natural search results. This makes your website visible to users searching for your product or services.

There are numerous ways of having your website SEO optimized. One of them is by using SEO-friendly WordPress themes. There are quite a number of themes on the internet, but not all of them are fit for purpose or even remotely SEO-friendly.

How then do you identify SEO-friendly WordPress themes? SEO-friendly WordPress themes are high on performance, well coded and assured to load well on search engines and web-crawlers. More so, they are mobile friendly and have structured data support to provide additional information to Google about your site.

Nevertheless, as has been mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of WordPress themes, with many promising ‘SEO friendliness’. However, not all of them are good enough for you or your drive to be visible online. Hence, to save you the trouble of scouring the web for good themes, here are 5 of the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes available.


Schema is, more or less, the Ferrari of ultra SEO-friendly WordPress themes. The loading speed of Schema is among the fastest you can get. Aside that, it is HTML5 and CSS3 enabled making it not only top-level, but also fit for modern technology including mobile. Also, Schema features rich snippets that can help search engines locate your site and rank you higher.

SEO Crawler

If you are looking for a powerful, result-driven WordPress theme, look no further than Seo Crawler. This purpose built theme works across board and most suitable for SEO agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies and social media sites. Its flexibility, which incorporates unlimited number of page designs, plenty header styles and footer layouts, makes it useful for everybody. Furthermore, it is simple to use and the user can customize and tweak to taste in real time, viewing the changes as they are being executed. It is equally fast and the home page can load in less than 3 seconds.


Jevelin, according to popular online theme review and sale site Themeforest, is a true multi-purpose, premium responsive wordpress theme. It has more than 10 header variations, over 50 unique elements and custom styles, and requires no knowledge of programming to use. This comes in handy for people across all spectrums. More so, it is SEO enhanced for high performance and its WooCommerce powered eCommerce capabilities makes it a natural marketer helping sites to attain high search engine ranking fairly easily.


X wordpress theme is equally integrated with WooCommerce plugins. This dynamic and multipurpose theme comes with great features. It is HTmL5 enabled making it mobile friendly and high in performance. It is one of the best selling themes on Themeforest.


If there is any wordpress theme design with SEO in mind, it has to be TheGEm. The code is secured, loads fast and mobile friendly. It puts you in the spot of high search engine ranking. Also, it has great features to boot with over 50 demos. It is capable of handling wide arrays of websites across all fields. If you are looking for a theme which combines high performance with mouthwatering features, TheGem is certainly a good call.

In conclusion, it is cliché now to say if you are not on the internet, you are not in business. You

can be on the internet and still not be in business [that is if you have any business online]. Hence,

to maximize the potentials of your website, you have to march quality content, product or service

with smart online marketing tools and techniques. To attract traffic and patronage to your web

page, your site must be optimized with good SEO-friendly wordpress themes to help search

engines locate you, to recommend your site when users seek for related information, product or

service. It is a good way to stay in business and enhance your bottom line.

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