The Lan Su Chinese Garden In Portland OR Is Relaxing And Peaceful

Lan Su Chinese Garden is gorgeous, and you are going to love your visit. This garden is located in Portland OR at 239 NW Everett Street, and it opened in 2000. Did you know that is the largest garden of its kind? Lan Su Chinese Garden is a Suzhou style garden. When you make your way there, you are going to want to stop by the tea house. What else do you need to know about this special Chinese garden in the city of Portland OR?

Considered to be an oasis, the garden features a guided tour. When you visit it, you are going to see right away that it takes up an entire city block. Not only will you see a gorgeous Chinese garden, but you are also going to find that there are traditional Chinese buildings all throughout as well. There is both a pond and a waterfall, and the garden is said to be a place that you can visit throughout the year as well.

The garden was built by 65 artisans, and it is said to be quite the gem. It can’t be called a hidden gem because it is so large and also a very popular attraction of course in the city of Portland. There are special events held throughout the year, including tea tastings and even art exhibits. You will also find a cute little restaurant on site where you can stop in for some lunch. That pretty much completes the experience, wouldn’t you say?

Check out the Master’s Garden Study, and you can also see replica rooms throughout the garden as well. You are certainly going to enjoy the walking paths and taking in the views. You will see covered walkways, and there are also sitting areas where you can just relax and enjoy your surroundings. While you are in the midst of the city, you are going to enjoy this relaxing oasis, a true treasure. There you go, it might not be a hidden gem, but it is considered to be a true treasure.

You are going to discover many places of interest in Portland that are amid the hustle and bustle, especially in the downtown area. However, you can enjoy the oasis of the Lan Su Chinese Garden, and then you can sit down for a nice meal at the restaurant there on site. There are even interactive exhibits or features of the garden, like the fortune telling area and the place where you can practice calligraphy.

It sounds like the Lan Su Chinese Garden is a whole lot of fun. You and your family might spend an entire afternoon there if you like the scene. The garden closes in the late afternoon, so keep that in mind. The reviews for this attraction are overwhelmingly positive generally across the board so that you can expect a very pleasant and peaceful visit. Enjoy your tip to the Su Chinese Garden in the great city of Portland OR.

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