Visit Mill Ends In Portland Oregon – The World’s Smallest Park Awaits

Are you ready to visit the world’s smallest park? Did you know there was such a thing? It is called Mill Ends Park, and it is located in Portland OR. It’s places like these that are interesting, perhaps a bit quirky, and allow you to see more and do more. You can schedule a visit to this park by booking a downtown Portland walking tour, or you can just stop by at your discretion. It’s not every day that you get to see the smallest park in the world.

Mills End Park is located at SW Front Avenue and Taylor Street, and as mentioned, you are going to be in the downtown area. You know there is going to be quite a lot more to see and do there in downtown Portland. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t look forward to the unique experience of seeing the world’s smallest park. This is an adventure you are certainly going to remember.

You are going to find this park on the waterfront, which makes it extra special. It is also located by the Saturday Market, so perhaps a weekend visit would be best. There is a backstory to this park that is quite interesting. You might as well know all the history if you are going to visit a place that made history, right? It has to be a special spot if it is the smallest park in the entire world.

There is a bush and some flowers, and that is about the extent of what you are going to see. It is a commemorative experience, and you can take a picture of the park itself or perhaps a group selfie. Post it on social media, and you’ve got a unique experience to share with the world. Perhaps you will encourage others in the Portland area to stop by the smallest park in the world.

It all started with a utility pole that was dug up years ago. A rose bush was put there to replace it, and the rose bush is now history, too. As mentioned, you can expect to find a bush and flowers now, and the bush isn’t a rose bush. It is the smallest park and all; you might be wondering if you even have space for a picture without having to worry about getting too close to traffic. The answer is yes, and many people do pose for pictures there. It’s just one of those unique experiences.

Now you know the history behind Mill Ends Park in Portland OR. It is quite the place, and you aren’t going to believe how small it is in person. Even though you have been told what you will find there, just wait. Your jaw will drop, and you will have to pose for that picture. Then you might want to visit one of the larger parks in Oregon to have a picnic or something. Or perhaps you might stop and eat a sandwich there and say you did so at the world’s smallest park.

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