Stark’s Vacuum Museum Is One Of A Kind & A Unique Experience

Do you think you’ve seen most of the vacuums that have ever been produced? You might think there is nothing about vacuums that would wow you, but wait until you get a load of the Stark’s Vacuum Museum, which is located in Portland. Specifically located at 107 NEW Grand Avenue, this place features a timeline concerning the invention of the vacuum and how it has evolved. Reviews do mention that the museum used to showcase a larger collection of vacuums, but it is still said to be a great experience.

Many of the attractions you visit in different cities resemble each other in one way or another, but this place is certainly unique. When have you ever had the privilege of visiting a vacuum museum? Did you know that there were even horse-drawn vacuums? There were all kinds of different models of vacuums throughout history, and the ones at this museum certainly tell a story. It was mentioned that the collection used to be larger. Reviews say that there were 100+ vacuums at one point, but now you are going to see about 30 or so.

It is mentioned not to let the small collection dissuade you from checking this place out though. Stark’s Vacuum Museum is said to be a treat, and you can expect to spend between 30 minutes to an hour checking out the displays and all. Have you heard of ‘Keep Portland Weird?’ It’s a movement, and people say that this type of attraction certainly fits the bill. It sounds like a really interesting and peculiar place to visit, doesn’t it?

The graveyard for vacuums as some people call it is rather fascinating. It’s not a graveyard if the vacuums are still being purposed as displays to teach people about the history of the vacuum. What do you know already about the history of the vacuum? It would be neat to learn a few things and also have fun at the same time.

The museum is also part of a store and repair shop. So you can take a few moments to go shopping if you like, too. By the way, touring the museum doesn’t cost you anything at all, and that is quite cool. As one reviewer puts it, that’s a fun freebie, and it’s always good to save a little money while exploring a new city and going on adventures. This is one of those trips that you will certainly remember.

It’s easy to mesh details when you go on similar adventures during vacation. However, this type of experience stands alone, and it’s not like you are going to find another vacuum museum anytime soon. You might as well see what’s over there. It doesn’t take much time to check it out as mentioned, and it should be quite enjoyable. What a unique attraction, am I right? When it comes to things to do in Portland, you will find that this vacuum museum is about as unique as it gets, one of a kind.

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